January 18th, 2013

We’ve partnered with Above Average!

If you head over to Above Average’s YouTube channel, you’ll see “Whites Only Laundry" is the featured video today! 

We’re excited about our new partnership with Above Average and were very humbled that they reached out to us — they have an awesome track record of supporting great comedy and some of our funny friends. 

Nothing else changes about the way we’ve been making videos and we’ve got more on the way. Can’t wait to show you guys.

January 16th, 2013

Whites Only Laundry

"Tom opens a laundromat that specializes in washing white clothes and then cluelessly gives it a series of unfortunate names."

New video starring Jonathan Marballi. Directed by Ben Weinstein. Original music by Alex Weinstein. Jingle vocals by Katie Boone and Alex Weinstein. Visual effects by Mike Antonucci.

Written and produced by The Bilderbergers.

Sketch comedy group from New York, featuring Lucas Klauss, Matt Moskovciak, and Ben Stadler.